Our People

At Air Force H&V we value our people as the key to our success.
Thomas Fynes

Thomas Fynes

Business Development Manager

I truly enjoy working with the team to deliver  compliant fire safety solutions in complex and challenging environments. My role is to help clients at all stages of their journey from design through to certification. I also look after clients with CPD certification in the UK.

Michael Reneghan

Michael Renaghan

Technical Lead

I have 15 years experience working on fire safety and ventilation systems. Thor Duct ® is the result of years of research and development, and is tested extensively to the EN standards. It makes a difference because it saves lives. I work closely with Fire Engineers, Fire Brigades, and M&E Consultants to identify and mitigate fire risks associated with ventilation.

John Kelly

John Kelly

Contracts Manager

I am responsible for costing, designing and delivering all aspects of fire safety contracts. I enjoy the challenge of winning a contract,  delivering on promises, and working with high profile clients to reach their fire safety goals. At Airforce H&V, I assist clients to reach and exceed fire safety regulation.