About Us

Air Force H&V was established in 2010, by a management team with deep specialist experience in the ventilation sector. It is now the leading industry manufacturer and installer of standard galvanized ductwork and the No. 1 player in fire rated ductwork with it’s Thor Duct ® range.

Air Force H&V provide clients with fixed price contracts on their ventilation packages; manufactured and installed to meet the unique requirements of each HVAC project.  Critical success factors to date include:

  • Fast and accurate budget quotations and detailed pricing
  • Superior manufactured product along with highly skilled installers
  • Absolute focus on providing a great client service

The company’s manufacturing facility in West Dublin serves the Irish market while an extensive network of Thor Duct ® Licensees compliments our ability to ramp up production in the UK and mainland Europe. Our supply side capability is built on our unique capability to meet the latest EN and ASTM/UL standards on fire rated ductwork in a timely and cost-effective manner.

A massive investment in time, money and skills have elevated Air Force H&V to be one of the leading R&D players in fire ducting across Europe. We are extremely well organised to deliver projects within program on site via highly skilled teams of project managers, supervisors and sheet metal workers. We operate across multiple sectors in both new build and refurbishment: commercial, institutional, hospitality, pharma, data centres and high rise residential.

Core Values

  • High ethical standards based on integrity, trust and respect​
  • Committed to providing a superior service to all our clients​
  • Passionate about creating a great place to work for all our people​
  • Value our people as the key to success and to upskill as necessary to help them reach their full potential​
  • Take responsibility for our successes and shortcomings and do whatever it takes to correct performance issues​

Operational Focus

  • Expand manufacturing and installation capability in Ireland using company only employees supplemented with trusted external sheet metal workers
  • Develop a manufacturing base in London and use external subcontracting skills to handle increased workloads
  • Utilise an extensive network of Thor Duct ® Licensees in Europe to deliver Data Center projects for our clients under the management of tried and trusted company personnel
  • Continue to build our capability and reputation as the first-choice supplier of fire duct across Ireland, UK and mainland Europe
  • Retain superior customer service as our primary motivating factor on all projects

Sharing Our Knowledge

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Licensing Thor Duct ®

Offer your customers the very best in fully compliant fire ductwork solutions.

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