Airforce H&V

The leading industry manufacturer and installer of standard galvanized ductwork and the No. 1 player in fire rated ductwork with the Thor Duct ® range.

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Air Force H&V

Air Force H&V has grown to be one of the leading R&D players in fire ducting across Europe. We are extremely well organised to deliver projects on site via highly skilled teams of project managers, supervisors and sheet metal workers. We operate across multiple sectors in commercial, institutional, hospitality, pharma, data centres and high rise residential.

The result of 15 years of research and development, Air Force H&V developed the Thor Duct ® Complete Fire Duct System to meet the EN standards for fire safety EN12101-7, EN1366-1 EN1366-8. Formerly known as Safe4, Thor Duct ® is now the no. 1 player in fire rated ductwork. 

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